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Do you want to be featured on A Splash of Ink, either with a guest post or interview? Do you want me to write a guest post for your blog?

Send me an email at with your ideas, or leave me a comment!

I decided to take this leap into lending out my blog-post writing skills and asking for other bloggers to guest on A Splash of Ink because of the new level it can bring this blog to. There are so many unique and interesting people who have experiences and knowledge that I don't, so I figured why not broaden A Splash of Ink's horizons?

Some Topics that I'm Particularly Interested In Seeing:
-Your experience with publishing / self-publishing your book
-Your writing ritual
-Your experience with finding an agent
-Blogging tips/advice
-If you liked *insert book title here* than you might like... book lists
-What you wish you'd known a year ago (in regards to books/writing)
-Opinion pieces of controversial topics related to books (for an example, see my post here 
-A stop on your book-promoting blog tour

If you have other ideas, I'm more than happy to hear them! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. 

Guest Posts so Far:
Purple Moon Blog Tour: Behind the Scenes of Brewer's Coffee
Tessa Emily Hall shares the back story of the coffee shop setting in her book, Purple Moon.
Interview with author Jamie Baywood 
Jamie talks about writing her book Getting Rooted in New Zealand and her writing process.
Caitlin Hensley and Self Publishing 
Caitlin talks about her journey to self publishing her book, Paranormal Legacy. 
Five teens answer questions on their experiences with writing.

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