Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reading Recap: Summer 2015

I manage to enjoy personal books all year around, but summer comes I get to read with reckless abandon with no thoughts of "required reading" in my mind. For me summer is from the beginning of May until the end of August; lots of good reading time! Since it's the end of summer *SOB*, I wanted to spend a blog post reflecting on what I got around to reading. 
The Best of the Best
Fiction: Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
Although Unlikely Hero is a strong contender, I had to go with Amy and Roger because it was such a great summer read. There's romance, a road trip and a perfectly believable issue for the MC to work through. It was super fun, but also had a bit of depth to it. It was a very good YA contemp (which can be hard to come by). 

Non-fiction: The Year of Living Prayerfully by Jared Brock
I've gushed about this book before, and I will gladly gush again. As a Christian, prayer has always been important to me, but it's a hard discipline to master. This book inspired me to try new methods and really make talking to God an important part of my day. It was easy to read and oh-so insightful. 

The Disappointments 
Graphic Novel: At a Crossroads: Between a Rock and My Parents' Place by Kate Williamson
I really like the watercolour-esque style of graphic novels and this graphic novel delivered visually. However, the story was pretty much non-existent. I had hoped that it would be poignant story of someone finding their new identity after finishing school, but it really wasn't. I've read similar stories that are much better. 

Non-fiction: Seen Reading by Julie Wilson
The premise of this book is so neat. The author records what people on the subway are reading and then writes a short vignette about that person. At least that's what I thought was supposed to happen. The vignettes didn't seem to connect to the person/book described at all. Maybe I'm just being thick, but I felt confused for most of the book. There were a few gems, but mostly it was a disappointment.

The Unique Ones
Nonfiction: Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray
This book followed ballerinas as they made the decision to become mothers. I saw this book online, so I requested it for purchase at my library and they actually bought it! When I finally got it, it was unlike anything I'd ever read. It was so interesting to learn about the pressures of the lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle) of a ballerina dancer and how they dealt with their maternity leaves and the such. The photographs were unflinchingly honest which made the work come to life.

Audio Books: Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley
The first bit of uniqueness was that it was set in Australia, and since I listened to it on audio book, the narrators had Australian accents! I enjoyed it thoroughly (all the Aussies out there are like "puhlease Sunny"). The setting was just the beginning though. Not only was the story interesting, but the book dealt with themes of art, beauty and identity. Crowley manages to write with beautiful language and a raw emotion that people wouldn't normally associate with graffiti. Ack, it was just so great. Read it. 

Overall, I'm really happy with the variety of books I read this summer. I really wanted to get a few short story compilations in so I could study them for my own writing; I'm glad I did. I read some non-fiction and tried a few fiction books that were outside of my usual genres. I had a good, steady run this summer, and I can only hope that I can keep going into the fall. 

What did you read this summer? Have you read any of the books I read this summer? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Reading: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (!!!!)
Listening: The City Harmonic
Watching: The 100


  1. It's incredibly unfortunate that I haven't read any of these books, though I've heard of many of them frequently. If you had to recommend just one out of all of these, Sunny, which one would it be? xx The reason I ask is I recently went back to school, and I'm having a hard time finding some peace with my hectic life to read. Maybe one book at a time is the way for me to ease myself back into literature.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. One book at a time is definitely the way to get back into reading. I always read before I go to bed (even if it's only a few pages) no matter how much homework I might have.

      If you're looking for an easy and enjoyable read, I'd recommend Amy and Roger's Epic Detour.

      Good luck with your new school year!

  2. Have yet to read any of these books on the list... Some of them sound very intriguing, though! :)
    I cannot believe summer's gone!! But I'm ready for the autumn. <3

    1. I can't believe it either! I too am ready to break out my fall clothes and go to the pumpkin patch and all that fun stuff:)

  3. Ooh, I haven't read any of these books but they sound good! I'm sorry that the disappointments didn't live up to your expectations, but it sounds like the books that were best really impressed you! That's always something that makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your reading experiences, Sunny!

    1. Thanks! I had a really good summer of reading. I hope you get a chance to try a few of the ones I read:)


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