Monday, July 27, 2015

The Make Me Read It Readathon: Recap (Also, a word on meeting goals)

If you saw my post from a couple of weeks ago, you'll know that I participated in Val and Ely's Make Me Read It Readathon. The purpose of the Readathon was to set a goal and read as many books as you can in the week. My goal was to read two books out of five that you guys voted on.

The books that were on the menu for last week were The Unlikely Hero in Room 13b by Teresa Toten and Dustlands: Raging Star by Moria Young.

I really enjoyed Unlikely Hero and the insight it gave into OCD. Although it was an "issue" book, it still had a good plot and well developed characters that I cared about. The main character Adam, was such a sweetheart and my heart broke for him so many times in this book. I was also pleasantly surprised with how the romantic subplot worked out. Overall, four out of five stars. If you enjoyed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, you'll probably enjoy this.

This is the part of the post where I'm supposed to talk about the other book, Raging Star. However...

I didn't meet my goal of reading two books.

I read all of Unlikely Hero and about half of Raging Star. At first I was a little disappointed in myself. Yet another goal that I didn't meet. *Sigh*. But then I got thinking, this wasn't a defeat at all.

The whole point of this Readathon was to read (which I did) and to read more than you would on average (which I also did). Normally, I read about a book every week and a half or two weeks. Sometimes I zoom through books in a couple of days, but that's not my average rate when I'm working or in school, or both.

To challenge myself to read two books in a week was exactly that, a challenge. It was good to push myself a little harder than usual; it was refreshing. And for a moment, I lost track of my original motivation (to read) and got stuck on that end number.

This is going to sound cliche, but making goals isn't about the end result, it's about the journey. The whole point of goal making is to improve yourself and give you something to aim for. Too often, I feel like I've failed if I don't meet that goal, and I forget just how much I did accomplish. In this case, I read an entire book in a week and half of another! Any other week (with no goals set) that would have been crazy, successful. Instead of looking at what you didn't do, look at what how much you have accomplished.

Don't let falling short of a goal send you in a tailspin. Instead congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished, even if it's something extremely small or just the fact that you began the project at all. Don't dwell on those feelings of guilt or discouragement; instead use them to propel yourself forward and focus on how to keep moving towards that end result you're striving for.

Motivation speech over.

Have you read either of these two books? Did you participate in the Readathon? Do you struggle with goals? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Reading: Raging Star by Moira Young
Listening: Shovels and Rope
Watching: Gilmore Girls, Season 7
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  1. I totally feel like that with my writing. I get so caught on the fact that I'm not published that I forget that I actually wrote a whole book, which isn't always an awesome mindset to be in. Congrats on getting so much reading done!

    1. I get that way ALL the time with my writing! I was definitely writing this post with those types of goals in mind.

      Thanks for visiting SOI!

  2. I definitely struggle with goals! Especially when it has to do with reading, since when I "have to" read the book, I don't want to as much.
    That's still a really improvement, though! Going from 1 book every 1 and a half to 2 weeks to 1 and a half books a week is huge. Congrats:)

    1. I feel you there! When I have to read a book for school or something, I enjoy it so much less. Maybe it's a mental game, but it's the way it is!

      Thanks for the kind words:)

  3. I feel like goals are hard for me, too, because oftentimes it isn't accomplishment but entertainment that motivates me. I really like getting good grades, reading lots of books, finishing manuscripts, so on and so forth... but unless I'm having fun, I often don't get what I wanted done, done. I haven't read either of the two books you read, but I'm glad that you enjoyed Unlikely Hero, even if it was the only one that you finished. Thanks for sharing this leg of your journey, Sunny!

    1. There definitely has to be some element of enjoyment in the goals that we make for ourselves. I know lots of teens who forced themselves to write and made all these grand goals and ended up hating it. It's okay to resign yourself from a task if you don't really enjoy it and can't see any benefit from it.

      You should try Unlikely Hero! It's great! Glad you enjoyed hearing about this:)

  4. Goals can definitely be difficult to keep up with. You should be so proud of yourself for at least reading more than you would have without this challenge!
    ~ Sanjana
    P.S. Is Gilmore Girls any good?

    1. Thanks!

      As for Gilmore Girls, I really love it. At first, I was a bit bored, but then you start to get attached to the characters (they're so lovable) and you're done for. Before you know it, you've watched an entire season in a day and Netflix is the only "person" you've talked to for hours, haha.

  5. I looooove and adore The Unlikely Hero! Adam was absolutely adorable and I loved his relationship with Sweetie. OMG. So cute. *happy sigh* I get a bit stuck on numbers and completing goals sometimes too and forget about enjoying the journey. XD

    1. Yes! The brotherly relationship was super cute:)

  6. Gah! You're watching Gilmore Girls!!! I practically marathoned the entire show in a few months and I hardly ever sit down and just watch Netflix. Love it. There's nothing funnier on television, in my opinion.

    Ahem. Sorry. Not the point.

    What I wanted to say was, congratulations on your accomplishment! You may not have achieved the end goal, but it's still impressive how you pushed yourself! Hope you enjoy your book :) That's certainly an interesting readathon!

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

  7. Oh it's ok I didn't even meet my goal of the 3 books I had to read too! But in the end I finished the book I was currently reading, and now I have less books on my TBR! So yes! It's about the journey and not the goal :D


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