Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Bookshelf Link-Up: Sunny's Entry!

The time has come for me to participate in my own link-up!  I'm super excited to write this post and thrilled that people have actually linked up! If you are interested in participating you have until May 19 to add you link. To see all the entries and read the details click here

Now onto the prompt!

1. If you can, share a picture of your bookshelves (piles of books, boxes of books, anywhere you store your books) or describe the set-up you have. 
I keep adding more shelves to the mix! For awhile I had one large one and one small one, then I added two more of the small ones, and earlier this year I added another large one. I think this is about my limit. No more shelf-shopping for me!

2. How do you sort your books? Author, genre, not at all?
Ahem. As my friend Rachel would be happy to tell you, my sorting system sort of fails. I get going on one method then disregard it for something that looks seems to me at the time. In some sections I tried to colour sort, but I don't like how that splits up books in series or genres. Mostly they're sorted by genre, but in some sections of the little shelves I was forced to just put whatever books fit. 

These shelves are supposed to be reference/nonfiction, but then I allowed in some short story anthologies and some school novels and now it's just a mixture of all types of books. They really just need to be pulled off and reorganized. I'm hoping that seeing other people's link-ups will inspire me. 
The bottom shelf is more children's books. 
3. Do you have any special trinkets or decorations on your shelves, or are they purely business?
Well considering that I'm the queen of clutter (don't worry, it's happy clutter), that would be a yes. I use my bookshelves to store other things as well as books, and a lot of that is decorations. You'll see fancy salt and pepper shakers through out the pictures, because one of my great-grandmas collected them. I ended up with a bunch, so I just spread them around to keep my books company. 
I just realized I forgot to point out my plants! They're sitting in the white tray, and I work "hard" to keep them alive. 
This is an old lamp I inherited from my grandparents when they moved. I remember always admiring it as a child. I don't use it as an actual lamp because my Grandpa did a little DIY electrical work on it that I don't quite trust, tehe. 
Here are a few other finds from yard-sales or thrift stores that I like the looks of. Soon they're going to have to forfeit their shelf space for actual books though!
4. What genre dominates your bookshelf? Or what genres make up your bookshelf?
The genres that make up my bookshelves are children's/MG, YA, non-fiction/reference, Adult fiction, old/pretty books (that I'll never read) and literature books (i.e. classics). I would say that children's/MG and YA make up about half, and the adult books and nonfiction each make up about 20% each and old books and literature make up about 5% each. 
Wow, I spent WAY too much time on this question.

5. Are there any books on your shelf that you're particularly proud of?
I don't know if I'd say proud, but I am particularly impressed with myself for amassing the entire Harry Potter series entirely second-hand (as well as Rowling's two Robert Galbraith books).
I've also been chipping away at finding the Artemis Fowl series second hand, and all I have left is The Last Guardian, which is fittingly, the last book. I accidentally bought a French version of AF at a library booksale and that's the little dinky one on the end. As a side note: do not shun me because the books are not in series order. I decided to go with size/edition order. I know, my OCD goes crazy every time I look at it too. 
Oh look! More trinkets. 

6. What is the ratio between read books and TBR books on your shelf?
Way too many TBR books. I buy books. I work at a library. I borrow books. I read library books, not my bought books. My happiest problem. 

But seriously, I counted up the books that I actually intend on reading (not the eye candy books or reference ones) and here was the final total: 38 TBR books out of aprox. 300 books. It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. 

7. What is the most recent addition to your bookshelf?
I just bought these three books from Chapters:
Except for the Rowling book they were all in the discount bin! Yay for cheap books!

8. Describe your dream bookshelf setup.
I would love built in bookshelves and a secret door in my bookshelves. That's all I ask. 
Honestly though, I'm pretty happy with the set-up I have now. I'm grateful for the room that I have for the shelves. 

There you have it! That's a little tour of my bookshelves! I've definitely been enjoying seeing everyone else's bookshelves, so I hope you enjoyed seeing mine. If you want to be involved in this link-up on your blog, make sure you read all the details and see the linked-up blogs here. Let me know how you think I should organize my books and all your thoughts about bookshelves in the comments! 

Reading: The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain
Listening: All Sons and Daughters
Watching: Cutthroat Kitchen 


  1. YOUR BOOKSHELF SET UP IS GORGEOUS. I love all the little knick nacks and such. That corner of shelves is the definition of comfortably cluttery. I just want to grab a fuzzy blanket and camp out right beneath your books... for at least a week.

    1. Thanks Susanna! I'm glad I'm not alone in my knick knack love! You'd be welcome to hang out under my shelves, except for the fact that there's usually stuff in front of them, haha. I cleaned up a bit for the picture...so you might only last two minutes.

  2. Your bookshelves are so pretty :) I organize my shelves by genre then by author. That way similar books are together and no splitting up series.

    1. Thanks! Your system sounds very smart. I just might have to copy you:)

  3. Your bookshelves are so pretty! They put my messy shelves to shame. We have eight fullsized bookshelves in our house, filled with all kinds of books, and they're all higgledy piggledy. I've tried organising them, because unlike other people in my family, I actually like being able to find my books, but alas, it never happens. I'm looking forward to doing my entry for this!

    1. I have to start by saying that "higgledy piddledy" is the best phrase to describe chaos! I approve!

      Thanks for the compliments! I definitely been in the messy bookshelf crowd before. I can't wait to see yours!

      Eight bookshelves sound heavenly. My parents don't really read, so the shelves are limited to my room and my sisters. Good luck with your quest to organize them, haha.

  4. Ooh your shelves are gorgeous, Sunny! And the books on them are the best (HECK YES TO HP AND TOG).

    Thanks for sharing these with us, girl! <33

    1. Thanks! I love both of those series, but I still need to get a copy of Throne of Glass! I have the second and third, but not the first. Definitely going to be on the look out for one:)

  5. *coughs* *raises hand* I volunteer to help you organize them, Sunny. XD I love book organizing above all other types of organizing (and you know how I love my organizing)! ^.^ But I agree with the other people; there is a certain cozy adorableness to your "higgledy piggledy" clutter. Still want to help you organize them, tho. ;D lol and I'm jealous of all your bookshelf space! The walls of my room curve inward to meet the ceiling, so I don't even have room for a full-size bookshelf. :( Ah, well. One day, one day. XD Loved seeing your bookshelves again! This is such a fun link-up! ^.^

    1. I'm so glad that you like the link-up (and my cozy clutter)! We totally need to make an organizing date. I didn't realise that your bedroom walls were like that. I feel very sorry for you and incredibly grateful that mine don't do that. It would drive me crazy!!!

      Thanks for your compliments, as always:)

    2. YASSS we should. hehe! ^.^ And yep! We live in a one-and-a-half story house, so the second floor rooms aren't as tall as regular rooms. If you combined regular rooms with an attic....that's what we have. X) Eh, but they're still pretty nice rooms; fairly spacious. AAAANYWAYYYYY, yes. I would gladly help you organize stuff. XD

  6. Your shelves are beautiful. YOU HAVE SO MUCH ROOM. ~jealous sobbing~

    I love all your knick-knacks and things, especially the lamp and the phone. So lovely. I also appreciate your second-hand series collection, which is, of course, what I am also doing. I have all of HP now apart of OotP. There are a lot of others I'm collecting, too!

    1. Thank you! I love my shelves and am perfectly happy to have the rest of my room cramped so they all fit. I've been in your position, so I'm very grateful to have the room I do now.

      The phone and the lamp are two of my favourite finds. I found the phone at a yard-sale for 1 dollar! So of course I bought it. My mom just shook her head, haha.

      Good luck with your series collecting. I had to cave a bit and buy OotP at an official second-hand bookstore, because it was so hard to find in the usual thrift stores or book sales. It was still cheaper than new, but a lot more than I usually pay for used books. Hope you have better luck than me!

    2. I don't know if I have much space to expand ... but there is a place where I could precariously balance a skinny shelf. I just need to find it!

      1 DOLLAR??? That's amazing! It's so gorgeous.

      Thank you. I love collecting books secondhand. The thrill of the chase etc.

  7. Holy cow! That's a ton of books! I love the things you decorated the shelf with—the way everything is organized looks beautiful. Very aesthetic. :) We all have a TBR longer than we'd like, but I still find all the books in the same place to be nothing less than fantastic. Thanks for sharing your shelves, Sunny!

    1. You welcome! And thank you for the compliments!

      I'm slowly working my way through my long TBR list, and trying not to take out as many books from the library in order to finish the books I already own. Every once and awhile I see something too shiny and new at the library, so I break down and borrow it, even though I have books to read at home, haha.

  8. Omg, I nearly forgot to linkup!! *wildly rearranges to-do list* And also, it kind of makes me feel sooo much better that not all yoru series match perfectly. XD My Divergent series is a MESS. I own 3 of the books and each has a different cover edition. It kills my OCD, it does. And my Cassandra Clare books? 3 are short, 3 are tall. *dies a little inside*
    But your shelves are beautiful, they truly are. I LOVE THEM. I only have one shelf but it's full and that saddens me because I like LOOKING at books and now half of them are hidden behind the others. **sigh** #bookwormproblems

    1. I'm glad that you take comfort in my agony, tehe. I HATE that my series don't all match, but I'm way too cheap to buy different editions to make it all pretty. I've learned that when you get a lot of books secondhand, you have to be satisfied with whatever you get.

      Thank you! I try really hard to never have books hidden behind other books. That's the worst bookshelf sin that is sometimes necessary.

  9. Wow you have so many books! :D And yay someone else who likes to put trinkets on their shelves. XD



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