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Jane and Sunny on Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Today I wanted to talk about Cinder by Marissa Meyer and since my sister has also just finished this book, I thought that she'd be the perfect person to discuss it with. To give credit where credit is due, this style of post is inspired by Cait and Mime of Paperfury, previously the Notebook Sisters. Fair warning, this post contains mild spoilers.

Opening Thoughts:
JANE: I really liked her take on the classic Cinderella, and how she made it modern. I also really liked the world.
SUNNY: I agree with that. I liked how the Cinderella story was very subtle. It made me feel smart whenever I picked up a parallel between the two stories.
Generally, I enjoyed this book.
But you have a few issues with it?
Yes, and I bet you do too!
Of course! So let's get on with this!

Let's talk about Cinder, as a main character:
I liked Cinder. I liked her voice and her wit.
Me too. I like how she showed growth. 
I also liked the relationship between her and Peony.
Oh yes, me too. I liked they thought of each other as sisters, even though they weren't blood sisters.
I always appreciated when an author develops a non-romantic relationship.
I agree. But I wish that Cinder had been more confidant. She seemed to be a little bit too self-loathing. She has been a cyborg for as long as she can remember, so she should have some resolution about her body. 
Hmm, now that you mention it...I can see that. Another thing I liked about Cinder was that she was a mechanic. I thought that was an interesting role for a female character to play.
I liked that she could fend for herself. I also liked that she was a strong female character without sacrificing her femininity. 
I totally agree. I think there's an art to writing a strong leading lady, but not making her butch (for lack of a better term).
Overall, I liked her as a main character. She was relatable and had a strong voice.

Let's talk about the Romance:
I think the romance was a little too out of the blue, zero to 60. 
I feel like the romance played to the typical teen demographic of this book. The stereotypical celebrity-crush  dream of meeting your favourite musician and him falling madly in love with you. I felt Cinder and the king's relationship was a bit like that.
Not a king
Emperor, whatever.
Technically he was a prince when they met. 
But I still like them together.
Yeah me too, but the setup was a bit cliched.
It is a fairy tale retelling.
True. I think Meyer should have taken a little more time to development their friendship. It felt very young-lovey-dovey. Annnnd a little one sided on his part. He was more in love with her. She seemed a little more realistic about the whole thing. 
Agreed! Now the important question. So do we ship Cinder and Kai? Wait, what's their shipper name?
Yes, we like Kinder, but they need to talk a bit more.
Get to know each other better?
Go out for coffee, or whatever the sci-fi equivalent is. Have Nainsi bring it to them or something.

Let's talk about Iko:
How do I feel about Iko? I thought she was a little two dimensional.
I know, but she's a little useless.
No! How can you say that? I thought she was funny. She's like that lovable, ditzy friend that you want to protect.
I guess... but I found her a little annoying. I wasn't really that upset *SPOILER ALERT* when she "died". And I kind of did predict that she'd die.
I love you, but you're heartless. She was Cinder's only friend and then Audri dismembers her. And that didn't bother you? I had a soft spot for her. Annnnnnd, I may have gotten a little choked up at that part.
Okay, so I listened to it on audio book and the narrator had a pretty unique voice for her, so maybe that's why I liked her so much. The narrator really brought her to life.
She kind of reminds me of Rue from the Hunger Games. She's Cinder's Rue.
Ooooooh, I won't go there if I was you. I personally loved both of those characters.

Wait! I did like Rue! I'M NOT A RUE HATER!
But, if you think about it Iko isn't even that good of a servant android. She talks back to Cinder all the time and tells her what to do.
She's not a slave! She has a unique personality chip! It's what makes her awesome!
Technically she is a slave. You know, honestly, I feel indifferent about Iko as a character. 
I love you. 

Final Thoughts:
I feel like a lot of the stuff could have been avoided if she had just told Kai she was a cyborg.
They could have totally worked together on defeating the Lunars and it could have all been completed in one book.
But then you wouldn't have Scarlet. Which I might have enjoyed a bit more than Cinder.
NO SPOILERS! I'm reading Scarlet right now!
Uhhh, isn't this content for another review?
Yes, you're right. We'll leave it there for now.
 I guess everyone will just have to wait to until-
WAIT! I just thought of another question! Who do you think the fairy godmother was in the story?
Hmm....Doctor Erland?
YES! Oh my goodness! I never noticed that before! I think that's a pretty solid note to end this review on.

Do you think Doctor Erland is supposed to be the Fairy Godmother? Did you like out discussion? Have you read Cinder? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

Reading: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella (S) Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (J)
Listening: Santa Baby by the Good Lovelies
Watching: Arrow (S) Merlin (J)


  1. I love Cinder—and I love Iko too. Because without Iko, there's not a lot of humor to be had; the thing is that with such a degraded race like the cyborgs we need Iko or else Cinder would pretty much have no one to live for. Which is sad, when you think that Iko isn't even alive.

    But I love this series. Wolf and Scarlet are my favorite. And I still like the romance. Even if it's stupid, I still like it. *nods*

    I like the back and forth of your review, though! Usually we only get one opinion, and two creates a little controversy. Way to go. :)

    1. Thanks this review was fun to write!
      And yes, I totally agree with that you said about Iko!
      WOLF AND SCARLET!!!! I love them, even if it's stupid:D

  2. Loved this review. I personally adored this book and this series, and for me, Iko is one of my favorite characters. I kind of agree with both of you in a more positive kind of way as in I liked how she was 2-dimensional with personality (?) do you kind of get what I'm saying? And she was original that way and really funny.
    OMG Doctor Erland could be the fairy godmother! I never really thought about it, but maybe.

    Great review!

    1. Oh yes, I think I get what you're saying about Iko. I too LIKE that she's kind of shallow.

      And yes, I thought it was pretty clever to make the connection between Erland and the fairy godmother. That's what's so fun about retellings:D

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I actually did not think about comparing the book to the actual fairytale, but I could see Dr. Erland being the fairy godmother. AND IKOOOOO. I really liked Iko, she's my favorite character in Cinder. And I have to agree that the whole ball thing and meeting with Cinder and Kai is a little cliche, but then again that doesn't stray too much from the actual tale.

    Nice chat/discussion guys! I really enjoyed it :)

    1. Thanks! We enjoyed writing this!

      Yay for Iko love! Ack, she's the best!


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