Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Success, Day Jobs and My Favourite Book of All Time

Isn't this so much prettier than the old Liebster banner?
Lelia over at nominated me for the Liebster blog award. I'm always so honored when you guys nominate me for awards, even though I don't always do a post on each award.  I've received this award a few times, so I'm going to do my own version of it today (aka I'll answer the questions, but I won't nominate as many people as I'm supposed to because I can never think of enough!). Anyways, I wanted to answer Leila's questions, because I thought they were fun, thought-provoking and would be a good for a get-to-know-you type post.

1.  How do you define success when it comes to your blog?  Followers?  Comments?  Money (hey, it could happen)?
Wow, way to start off with a hard question! To be honest, this changes from day to day. However, I'd say that feel the most confident about my success when I write good content. How do I know something is good content? Well, I feel like I put a lot of thought and effort into it, people comment and tell me that I'm awesome, or the stats show that a lot of people have looked at it.

Also, seeing that follower number go up helps, haha.

2.  Do you have a day job?  If so, what is it?
Well, I have a few day jobs. First, I'm a university student, second I work at the library and third, I occasionally do some work in an IT department.

3.  If you could blog full-time (make enough income from it) would you?  Why or why not?
Um, YES! That would be awesome (but maybe stressful, but probably just awesome).

4.  Do you always buy books from certain authors?  Who?
Nope. I get most of my books from the library. I'm pretty fickle when it comes to buying books. Usually I have to have some sort of assurance that it will be good (usually I've read the author before or the other books in a series), or I just buy random stuff because it's cheap.

5.  Do you feel the need to finish a series?  Why or why not?
If I didn't like the first book in the series, I probably won't finish it. I have a hard enough time finishing series that I actually like. I tend to forget the plot while I'm waiting for the next book to come out.

6.  Do you write reviews for everything you read?  Why or why not?
Haha, no. The reason? *cough* laziness *cough* er...we'll go with too busy.

7.  What is your absolute favorite book blog?  No, yours doesn’t count.  Why is it so fabulous?
Sorry, but I'm not answering this. I read so many good book blogs that I can't say which one is my favourite. If you're interested in seeing what blogs I follow, you can check it out here.

8.  Hardcover, mass market paperback, trade paperback, or e-book?  Discuss.
Paperback all the way. Why? Cheaper, easier to read in bed, not as heavy, fit in my purse nicer.

9.  How many books do you own (let’s exclude ebooks for brevity)?  A rough estimate is fine.  Don’t go counting them all.
Ummm *looks a bookshelf*...probably somewhere around 400? There's a mixture of reference books, children's books, ya books, religious books, and many books that I haven't read yet.

10.  How do you feel about cover reveals?  Do you participate?  Visit blogs participating?  Why or why not?
I'm not overly familiar with cover reveals, so no comment. I don't see anything wrong with them, though, from what I do know about them...

11.  What is your absolute favorite book of all time?  Pick one.  Yes, I know it’s hard.
Beka Cooper: Terrier by Tamora Pierce. Every time I read this book I love it more. I just love the mixture of police work, lower-city-ness, and the memorable characters. The setting is so so well written! If you like fantasy, read this book.

I'm only going to tag one person, because as we've already established, I'm a blogging deviant. Now for the nomination:

Rachel from Secret Scribblings!

Rach is a new book-blogger and just starting off. If you have time I'm sure it'd mean the world to her for you to stop by, leave a comment and if you're feeling really generous, following her.  Since Lelia's questions were so good, those can be your 11 questions and if you feel so inclined you can nominate 11 other bloggers.

Leave me your thoughts and your responses to these questions in the comments! I'm really curious to hear what people have to say (especially the question about success!).

Reading: Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer
Listening: Owl City
Watching: My homework taking over all my free time...


  1. Man they were tough questions! Haha good answers, I remember having to list my top five books and ended up just writing "Everything by Tamora Pierce" as the first point ;)

    1. Haha, that's a good way around the question. For me Tamora Pierce is a hit and miss. I either love it or really don't like it. I don't know what it is with those books, but that's the way it usually goes.

  2. I love your comment about books that fit in your purse. So true! I tend to shop for handbags with a spiral notebook along. Any bag in which it won't fit is an automatic no.

    1. Yes! I will not buy a bag if my book doesn't fit in it. It's so inconvenient to have to carry a book that doesn't fit in my bag. Glad to hear there's someone else like me, haha.

  3. Ack! So sorry to wilsonsisterto7, I accidentally deleted your comment. Here's what you said:

    The success question is a toughie... I'd say followers, if I had to pick only one. But when people comment, you fully grasp the fact that someone is taking the time to read!! And money?? I would LOVE that job!! :)

    My response: I love it when people comment! You're right; it definitely shows that someone actually read the post and thought about it.

  4. How fun. I'm totally with you--cheap. I usually buy eBooks to keep the cost down, but the library is my friend. Unfortunately they don't stock all the books I want to read. I mean, when you read 100 to 200 books a year, the cost could really add up, right?

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

    1. The library is my BEST friend (and also my employer). My library is pretty good at getting all the new YA books and for the ones they don't have I can always do an inter-library loan (which is awesome!). 100-200 books a year is a) very impressive and b) yes, very costly to buy them all.

      Thanks for stopping by SOI:)

  5. Paperback all the way for me too!! I love OWNING hardcovers...they're so pretty and sit on the shelf so so nicely...but they're hard to read. I always ditch my dust jackets while I'm at least reading it. Plus paperbacks are cheaper, so I'm not arguing. x)
    You sure are super busy with all those jobs plus uni! Woah! Go you! :)
    But, gosh, lots of hard questions here...favourite blogger, favourite book. Gah. I hate "favourite" questions because I so can never ever decided. IT IS TOO HARD.

    1. Ooo, yes, I love owning hardcovers as well (especially when I don't have to buy them, haha). You're right, dust jackets are SUCH a hassle when reading, so I usually ditch mine as well:P

      As for being busy...yes. I may have over done it.

  6. So glad you posted! I know some of my questions were iffy so I appreciate you answering most of them. The blog success one was the one I was most interested in. I think it varies for everyone even on a daily basis.

    I love your deviance in only nominating one blog. I may have to take a cue from you on that in the future.

    1. I'm glad to have post too! So many people nominate me for things and I don't ever end up doing a response post. I always feel a bit bad when that happens, so I'm glad that I could do this award!

      As for my deviance, I can never think of enough blogs where people actually like to do awards. I'm glad you liked that little change though, haha

  7. Yay this is awesome! I also used to read everything by Tamora Pierce when I was younger, but now I don't remember much from them, so I need to reread it soon. But congrats on narrowing it down to one favorite book haha!

    1. Tamora Pierce seems to be one of those authors that is becoming a thing of the past. She doesn't seem to have as much buzz as she once did, or maybe that's just because I'm not hearing it.

      Thanks for commenting:D

  8. "I tend to forget the plot while I'm waiting for the next book to come out." YES THIS IS SO TRUE!! There are series I've *loved* and not managed to finish, namely Percy Jackson, Septimus Heap, the Gone series by Michael Grant and the Threads trilogy by Sophia Bennett .... however I WILL finish all of them! This will happen! At some point ...

    I'm very impressed that you managed to choose one book. Hats off to you, madam.

    1. Yay! I'm not the only one who fails with remembering plot lines! I just finished the Artemis Fowl series and I've been boasting about that one, haha. I have problems with finishing series.

      As for choosing one book, I've practiced and thought about my answer to this question often:P


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