Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Bookish Halloween (AKA How to Look Like a Certain Girl-Detective)!

My sister picked an awesome costume this year for Halloween: Nancy Drew!

If you've been reading SOI for a little awhile, you'll know that I love ND. I looked back and realized that I mentioned her quite often. If you're interested in seeing all her mentions, feel free. Ahem...self promotion over.

I love the books; I loved the computer games; I loved the (lame, but awesome) movie versions. I think I'm actually a little jealous of Nancy. When my sister said that was her plan for Halloween, I was super excited to see how it would turn out. And I though, I'm going to document this and blog about it! I can be a sorta beauty blogger for one post! There must be some other like-minded people out there who will enjoy this!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Success, Day Jobs and My Favourite Book of All Time

Isn't this so much prettier than the old Liebster banner?
Lelia over at nominated me for the Liebster blog award. I'm always so honored when you guys nominate me for awards, even though I don't always do a post on each award.  I've received this award a few times, so I'm going to do my own version of it today (aka I'll answer the questions, but I won't nominate as many people as I'm supposed to because I can never think of enough!). Anyways, I wanted to answer Leila's questions, because I thought they were fun, thought-provoking and would be a good for a get-to-know-you type post.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sometimes I Have Bad Ideas


1. Also called shower bath. a bath in which water is sprayed on the body, usually from an overhead perforated nozzle (showerhead)

2. A brief fall of rain or, sometimes, of hail or snow

3. The place where ideas are born and decisions are made (see also: "the moments before you fall asleep")

A shower, a place like no other. No matter where it is (your home, someone else's home, hotel, the rain forest, the lake, a gross campsite shower etc. etc.) or what kind of shower it is (stall, tub, fancy, old, peeling tub surround, the ones with benches for old people etc. etc.) I always seem to come out with some new understanding. It's magical! Well probably because it's some of the only down time I give my brains to really think things through, but I still like to think it's magical.

My problem is that I forget ideas. I get a really good idea for a blog post or plot twist, but by the time I'm all dressed and ready to go after my shower, I've forgotten it. So I came up with a way of remembering (coincidentally, in the shower). I was going to bring some white board markers into the shower and write my ideas down on the tub surround. Brilliant, right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Read When You're Busy (Spoiler Alert: Listen to Audiobooks!)

A few weeks ago I talked about the possibility of required reading ruining reading (say that ten times fast!)
I was worried that I wouldn't have time to read "fun" books aka not assigned books. Maybe you're in the same predicament as me. You might not be in school, but you might be struggling to find time to do what you love: read.

Well I've found a solution: audio books.

Do you like my poorly edited/taken with my phone/hand drawn/taken in the
school library picture? The height of my skills right here, ladies and gentlemen!
No matter how much we try, we can't create more hours in the day, but we can utilize the hours we do have. That's what I've been learning to do over the past few weeks. Here's how I've found time to read -or should I say be read to- amongst my daily commitments:

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