Friday, June 27, 2014

Bookstore Bingo!

I was in a bookstore the other day, standing in line and waiting to pay, when I realized that over my relatively short life, I'd been in a lot of bookstores. There's been so many unique ones and so many plain ones, but somehow they all feel familiar when I walk in. But why is that? Because they all have stuff in common (besides the fact that they sell books). Often times the same human interactions happen and the stores are set up the same way. 

That got me thinking about all the similarities between different bookstores and all of the things that always seem to be there (no matter how big or small the store is). And that's how bookstore bingo came into being.

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be fun to make these similarities into a game? A game that any book-lover could enjoy, no matter what bookstore they're in? So that's what I did. Below you will find four sets of bookstore bingo cards and instructions on how to play.

How to Play:
1. Print off the desired amount of bingo cards. 
2. Go to a bookstore.
3. As you find each item, mark off the squares. 
4. The first person to get four in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonally) is the winner.
5. Award bragging rights. 

What do you think of my bingo? What would you add to the board? Can you find most of these items or interactions at your local bookstore? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Reading: Every Day by David Levithan
Watching: Youtube
Listening: Jack Johnson


  1. This is awesome :) Now you need to get some friends together and play it, and report back hehe.

    1. Yeah, I totally need to test out my game PRONTO! I'd be curious to see how it actually works in real life:)

  2. Haha pretty sure I could win this sitting across the road from a bookstore :P


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