Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Every Day by David Leviathan

I was due for a breezy YA romance (it is the beginning of summer!), so when I came across Every Day by David Levithan at the library, I thought it fit the bill pretty well. The concept sounded fascinating; it looked like an interesting predicament to entertain me for a few days. Although I had a few issues with this book, it certainly wasn't boring. It held my attention and it didn't feel like a chore to read it.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bookstore Bingo!

I was in a bookstore the other day, standing in line and waiting to pay, when I realized that over my relatively short life, I'd been in a lot of bookstores. There's been so many unique ones and so many plain ones, but somehow they all feel familiar when I walk in. But why is that? Because they all have stuff in common (besides the fact that they sell books). Often times the same human interactions happen and the stores are set up the same way. 

That got me thinking about all the similarities between different bookstores and all of the things that always seem to be there (no matter how big or small the store is). And that's how bookstore bingo came into being.

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be fun to make these similarities into a game? A game that any book-lover could enjoy, no matter what bookstore they're in? So that's what I did. Below you will find four sets of bookstore bingo cards and instructions on how to play.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Writing Process

I'd like to start by thanking the lovely Imogen Elvis, who writes at Gossiping with Dragons, for asking me to talk about my writing process in the Writing Process Blog Tour. This is something that I've been meaning to write about for awhile now and this tag has given me the perfect excuse!

Here are the questions that I'll be answering:

1)     What am I working on?
2)     How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3)     Why do I write what I do?
4)     How does your writing process work?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jane's Reviews: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Today I'm introducing a new series on A Splash of Ink! Reviews by Jane! Yay!
Jane is my sister and a total book lover. I've been trying to get her to write a post for A Splash of Ink for awhile now, but she never quite knew what to write. At the same time, I've been trying to get more guest posts and more book reviews on SOI , so I came up with this new series to hit all the targets. I recruited Jane to -you guessed it- write some YA book reviews for me. Enjoy and try not to be too hard on her!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What is the Future of Libraries?

In some of my previous posts I've talked about my love of the library and how close that institution is to my heart. As a young person who wants to build a career in a library, I get challenged quite a bit when I tell someone about my plans for the future.

Aren't know...on the way out?
Is that really a wise career move? Isn't it a bit obsolete?
And by far the worst question:
Libraries? People still go to those places?

My inside reactions:

But of course I can't quite behave that way in a civilized conversation. So instead I control my gut reactions and calmly defend my belief in libraries. Here is what I tell the naysayers. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

This is a question that I've struggled with a lot as a blogger and still haven't found a solid answer to. However, I do have some personal guidelines that I try (emphasis on try!) to follow to get the perfect blog post length. In hopes that they made be of some help to you, I wanted to share them all with you. I decided to share in the form of a flow chart. This is the mental process I try to go through before I post on A Splash of Ink. Click to enlarge the photo.

What do you think of my flow chart? Do you follow something similar? Opinions on blog post lengths? Let me know in the comments!

Reading: Airborn by Kenneth Oppel
Watching: Rookie Blue
Listening: The Black Keys

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sunflower Blogger Award

I think community in the blog-o-sphere is so important to the success and enjoyment of everyone's blogs. A great way to promote community is to participate in tags (and not to mention that they're just plain fun!) I want to thank Sarah Coons for tagging me for the Sunflower Blogger Award. You can check out her blog My Double Living here.

The Tag:
Share 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions that Sarah Coon gave me
Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 questions

Since it is my blog, and I have a tendency to break the rules, I'm going to tailor the tag a bit to my preferences! Try to stop me, MWAHAHA!

I'm going to give you three random facts about myself, answer 11 of Sarah's questions and tag anyone who'd like to participate. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Literary Onion: Details and Research

A good book is like a literary onion.

Stay with me and my weird analogy.

Novels are made up of many layers. The plot and character are usually the top layers, the obvious ones, but once you peel those ones back you start to see layers like symbolism and foreshadowing. The elements of the book that you might not notice right away are like the inner layers of an onion. Lately, I've been appreciating one of the more subtle layers: the detail layer.

The detail layer is made up of all those well placed, precise pieces of description. This is the type of description that you can just tell the author went the extra mile and did some research. The author isn't writing vaguely about the subject; they are writing like they understand their subject inside and out.

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