Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Today I want to talk about a genre on Youtube that I only recently discovered.


Booktubers are people who have channels on Youtube dedicated to all things books. Some make review videos, some make videos discussing issues surrounding books, some make bookshelf tour videos -the list is endless.

The reason why I love Booktubers is that they are cut from the same cloth as us book bloggers. They put what a lot of book bloggers write about into video form. As much as I love reading, there's something about sitting down and watching a video that's oh-so-enjoyable. The reason why I wanted to share these five Booktuber videos, is because as similar as we are, a lot of book bloggers and people who read book blogs don't even know that Booktubers exist!

I chose this particular selection to showcase the variety of video types I've come across while watching these types of Youtubers. I also chose these ones because I personally enjoy all of these channels and hoped that you might enjoy them as well.

Now, onto the videos!

Who is your favourite Booktuber? Which of these videos did you enjoy the most? Did you know Booktubers existed? Thoughts or ideas, let me know in the comments!

Reading: The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton
Listening: The whirring of my fan. It's been one hot day!
Watching: Rookie Blue


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