Friday, April 11, 2014

The 6 Stages of Rewriting As Told By Sunny

This week's post was supposed to be on the topic of Twitter. However I had some technical problems, AKA my finished post disappeared when I hit publish! Every blogger's nightmare, that every writer can relate to.

So, you get this instead. My thoughts on rewrites since a rewrite is in my near future. Rewrites come in all shapes and forms, whether it's an essay, a story or a blog post the process is still the same.

The rewrite comes in six stages. 

1. Temper tantrum.

I just spend three hours writing that! I lost all that work? I'M GONNA LOSE IT!
And other choice words.

2. Denial 

It can't be gone. Maybe I saved a draft somewhere. Maybe it auto-saved! Maybe Google has the answer...

3. Acceptance

It's gone, and I'm going to have to rewrite this. *BREATH* I can do this. Maybe I have some rough notes. Say goodbye to that Netflix that was calling my name. 

4. Remembering 

Now, what did I even write about? Why didn't I make rough notes? Get a pen and paper. 
Think think think...ah that was the gist of it...I think.

5. Rewriting
How did this start again? Ah yes, it's starting to come back now... I'm pretty sure that's how it went...Well that's a new bit. Hmm...I'll go with it.

6. Awesomeness

Hey, this is actually sounding good! That's exactly what I meant to say before! I remembered all the good ideas and got rid of all the extra filler from before! It's finally finished. This is going to be an AWESOME post!

Although I hate loosing material, just like any writer, I always find that the rewritten piece is stronger. The piece always turns out tighter, because I can only remember the essential points that I wanted to write about. All of the fluff that's been added (usually the intro of a blog post) doesn't end up back in the post. It's like the whole piece gets refined. 

What about you? Do you have any lost work stories? Have you had to rewrite? Thoughts? Comment away!

Reading: Burn Bright by Bethany Frenette
Listening: Tessa Violet
Watching: Veronica Mars


  1. Excuse me for spitting out my drink. Well, not really, but hey. This is SOOOO accurate! I can still remember rewriting my first ever novel (80,000+ words) and dying of laughter every time I read a stupid line.

    However, 'temper tantrum' and 'denial' came in between rewriting, for me...

    1. Haha, yes! I killed myself laughing over some old stories that I wrote the other day. They were pretty bad. It's a total ego-boast to see how much better you are now though:)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. During Nanowrimo I had to keep myself from looking at all the writing I had already written for the particular story, and rewrite from scratch. Recently I found some of my old writing from before Nano and I'm probably going to end up using some of it anyway. I feel like when I don't have a deadline, I have more time to be creative instead of just... write write write anything.

    1. I totally agree. I come up with much more original content when I'm not pressed for time and just having fun. That being said, I need to give myself deadlines sometimes to get things done. Balance is key when it comes to writing.

      Good luck with your story!

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