Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bargain Book Haul!

This past week I went on two bargain book shopping trips and acquired a total books and two book jackets. It was a good week. The only appropriate thing for any respectable book blogger to do is a I'm-not-bragging-but-really-yes-I-am book haul.

The first trip was to a local bookstore that is closing up. I had been in this store a few times and usually it was pretty dead, so it's no surprise that it went out of business. When I was there this week it was the busiest I'd ever since it, no doubt the business had something to do with the inventory blowout sale. It made me a little sad inside to see that. I guess it is true what they say, online book orders and the bigger department stores are killing the independent book store.  Although the closing of any bookstore is a somber day, I scored a couple of cheap books which made me pretty happy.

The second trip was to an annual book sale put on by a church in the neighboring city. It was amazing! They had four rooms -Children/Teen, Paperback/AV, Fiction/Non-Fiction, Better Books- full of books. And this year the books were 50% off their usual pricing! My sister (see picture) and I grabbed a big box and rooted through all the used books looking for treasures. Some books were a little more "used" than others; we stayed away from those ones, haha.

I think that we hit the jackpot in the Better Books room. This room held old books, autographed books and books that were...well better than the average. I got some nice eye candy books (that's shallow, I know) and these super cool hand-embossed book jackets. I paid a dollar, that's right people, A DOLLAR for these two covers!

Now, to the meat of this book haul.
I picked up a wide variety of genres. Suspense (The Lock Artist) Historical Fiction (Rules of Civility), YA (Saving Francesca and Only in the Movies), Religious Non-Fic. (Prayer, The Sins of Scripture, and God: seen through the eyes of the greatest minds) Artsy/Lifestyle Non-Fic. (Graphic Print Production, Occasions and Better Handwriting) and a book on grammar. I love that I don't have to feel guilty about buying any of these books even though I might not like them, because I only paid a dollar each for most of them.

Have you been to a good book sale lately? Are you a bargain book buyer? Have you read any of these books and can make a recommendation as to what I should read first? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Reading: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas
Listening: Mumford and Sons
Watching: Arrow (the latest episode, GASP!)


  1. I love book sales, there are never enough in my home town though.
    Fifteen books! I am a bit envious. Those covers though! Those are amazing! That is a great find!

    1. Be envious, be very envious, tehe. I still can't believe that we found those covers.

      That's too bad that you don't have book sales :( The trick is to keep your eyes and ears open for them, no matter how small.


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