Saturday, March 29, 2014

Movie Theaters are Awesome, I Saw Divergent, and How I Feel About Books Made Into Movies

Last night my sister and I went to see Divergent (!!!) As you all know, Divergent is the first in a YA trilogy by Veronica Roth. The last three movies I've seen in theaters (Catching Fire, The Hobbit, Divergent) have all been adapted from books, so I've been thinking about my stance on books-to-movie adaptions (every book-lover must have one, you know).

But before we get into that, can I just say how amazing the atmosphere is in the movie theater tonight?
It was a wet and gloomy night, so it was no surprise that it was a sold out showing. There were all types of people: middle aged adults, teeny-boppers, couples, and younger adults (no kids, thank-you late show). I knew things were going to get interesting when the usher told everybody to move to the middle, and get rid of any empty sits in between parties. With all the one seat buffers gone, and awkward arm-rest dances over, there was definitely a sense of camaraderie.

Right after the lights went down and the theater played their I'm-a-movie-theater-hear-me-roar advertisement for themselves, somebody (probably one of the said teeny-boppers) started clapping. Then someone (probably one of said middle aged adults) hollers:
"Calm down, the movie hasn't even started yet!"
Of course, this was met with laughter from everybody else.

Throughout the movie there were many times where laughter would ripple through the theater. The best times were when some stranger in the theater would laugh with you at some obscure detail that only the two of you found funny. You have the same weird sense of humor as me random person? Instant connection.

 I heard someone whisper at this part:

"He's going to take his shirt off!"
I laughed at that commentary and so did someone else. Instant connection.

I like hearing the rustle of popcorn bags and slurping of drinks when I'm at the movie theater. I like hearing the comments from people around me (within reason of course). It's part of the experience of watching a movie with other people.

Anyways, the movie review. Speaking as someone who read the book, it was really enjoyable. The scenes in the Divergent HQ were so fun to watch. However, if you don't know the story I can see how it might get a little bit confusing, especially since they didn't spend much time introducing the other initiates. The fact that the minor characters were slightly overlooked and a few points under-explained, was really my only gripe with this beautifully shot movie.

Also, this guy (Four, aka Pamuk):
I like him. He's a good actor. Tehe. 

So how do I feel about books made into movies?
I like to look at it like this. The book is the author's creation and the movie is the director's creation. The director/writer/producer/other movie person, is entitled to create something new. Yes, the movie is based off of the book, the story is at the root the same, but I do not expect them to be carbon copies. I want the movie to take a few creative liberties, so I have a new story experience. Since the two forms of story telling are so different (and done by different creators), it would be crazy to expect they stay the exact same. My only wish is for them to keep the essence of the book (themes, humor, atmosphere, the feeling etc.) the same in the movie. 

How do you feel about books to movies? Have you seen Divergent? Are you planning to? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I might see Divergent when I'm older, as I wasn't all too happy with Insurgent and Allegiant (in my opinion, a bit grown up, though I really LOVED Divergent. Great morals.) But seriously, I've heard terrible things about the movie. /cry.

  2. I've heard mixed reviews of this movie. I know that I liked it more than I would have if it had been a stand alone movie, because I had the background love of the book. So I can see how people might not have liked it.

    It's definitely worth a watch at some point though, especially if you liked the book.


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