Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

This list has been kicking around in my mind for awhile now, so I finally put it together. Some of the pictures are my own, but many of them are from the manufacturer's website.

Audio books are also great for the busy book lover. They can listen on the go.
I love it when someone gives me their favourite book -or any book really- with an inscription on the inside. It makes it so personal! The book pictured above is one I bought at a Thrift Store that was inscribed for it's previous owner. You can "inscribe" audio books as well by leaving a note inside about why you picked that book.

I love this. It's a map that has all of the popular settings from books on it. This poster is £25. Since it's from the UK the pricing is in pounds, but they ship internationally.  If you'd like to read a little bit more about it and see more pictures (!!!) you can check it out here

A few years back, my aunt and uncle gave me a book light. I had no idea how much I would love my light (see the picture of it above). My book light is usually clipped to the headboard of my bed, and I use it at the time when I get most of my reading done: right before I go to sleep. I used to use it for sneaky purposes (reading late when I'm supposed to be sleeping), but now I use it for laziness purposes. Instead of having to get up to turn off my overhead light when my eyes are drooping, I just reach up and turn off the book light.

Also great for dark closets, searching under the bed and camping. My favourite brand is Mighty Bright because of the clip and bendy neck. They range from aprox. $10 and upwards.

I wish I had one of these. Whenever I need to write my name in the front of a book, my handwriting always chooses that moment to look terrible. Plus, think of how much fun it would be to go through all your books and stamp them? This cost $26 according to the website where I found it. 

My sister gave me a subscription to Writer's Digest last year, and I really enjoyed it. It was like the gift that kept giving. I can't really give you an approximate on how much this might cost since different magazines vary in price. However, the majority of magazines will offer a discount coupon in the current magazine, that you might be able to take from the library's copy. 

This is a really cool website called Out of Print. They sell book themed totes, pouches, stationary, clothing and more. I'm fairly certain you can buy their stuff in other places such as Barnes and Noble (for you Americans) and Booksmarts. I don't have anything from them, but I'd like to get some! The bags are $18 and the pouches are $12. 

You might have seen your local hipster carrying one of these bad boys around, because unfortunately they only come for Apple products. However, I love the idea and design behind them. They are a tad pricey though, coming in at approximately $80. You can check out the MacBook case here and the Ipad case here.

This is another gift that keeps giving. If you decide to go with the membership, your book lover will have a discount card all year round! The gift card is also nice, because it gives them a chance to a) pick their own book and b) save it for when a particular book comes out later in the year. The average price is $25. 

If you're buying for a book lover who has everything this is a great idea, especially if your book lover is a big library supported (which book lover isn't?). I love this idea because it truly encompasses what Christmas is really about. I know at my library they have boxes where you can donate, but it's different everywhere. If I was going to donate on behalf of someone, I'd get someone to take my picture as I put the money into the box. You'll have to talk to your local library about how they receive donations. 

I don't know any book lovers who don't also love a pretty journal or address book. However, this is something that most book lovers have in abundance, which is why it ranks last on the list. If you're desperate I know I'm always happy to receive a cool looking journal even if I have twenty already! These journals are all from Chapters ranging from $10-$40 (for leather bound journals).

There you have it. My top ten gifts for a book lover. Let me know in the comments what you'd love to get for Christmas and what you think of my list!

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Listening: Christmas music! A favourite is The Good Lovelies.
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