Friday, April 12, 2013

On Beating a Spell of Writer's Block

Recently, as I'm sure you've guessed, I've had a bit of writer's block. Every writer, especially us teens, go through this phenomenon. For me, I find it hits when life starts to get busy and other activities grab my interest. However, once again I have battled through the block, and I'm going to share my experience of how I got through it, in hopes that it will help you too.

Write in your writer's journal
I have a well weathered journal that I wasn't using very often, until I started a new writing course for school, where a journal was mandatory. There are two aspects of the journal that helped me beat the block.

Writing Kickoffs:
These are little drills and writing prompts. I used to think that they were pointless, because I just wanted to get to important writing I was working on (ie. my stories). However, these are super helpful to get your creativity flowing. Not only is it useful for your creativity, but it helps your writing flow as well. It gets the words on the page, with very little pressure to get it "right".
 Here are some exercises that I've done recently:
  • Your house is burning down and you have fifteen seconds to grab something. What is it and why?
  • Look around the room and pick an object. Create a character. Use the object that you've chosen to get your character out of jail.
  • Pick a time of day and an emotion. Write a scenario.   
Pick a prompt and write for ten minutes, then stop and move on to your work in progress.

Writing my Work in Progress:
Writing my story in my journal instead of in my normal word processor file, is a tactic that has freed me from the block many times. I find when I write my WIP in a place that is foreign and detached, I have an immense freedom. I know that if the writing is really bad, it doesn't have to be typed into the file that holds the rest of my work. This way of writing, also allows my inner editor to get some relief by providing a limited section to make minor adjustments to, as I transcribe it into my word document.

Bogey (my Aunt and Uncle's third child) and his toy
Change of Scenery:
I went dog sitting. I stayed in my Aunt and Uncle's house. I find when I change the place where I usually write, it's almost like a fresh start that encourages me to get down to business. Even if it's just moving into a different room in the house (or to the backyard), I find it helpful.

This is how I've broken out of my Writer's Block this time around. Maybe these little tips will help you, as well. You can also check out my other thoughts on Writer's Block here from three years ago (!!!!!) What do you do to get rid of Writer's Block?

What I'm reading: The Death Cure by James Dashner
What I'm watching: Anderson Live
What I'm listening to: Les Mis Soundtrack (eeeee!!!)

P.S. If lacking inspiration, check out SOI's inspiration board.

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