Monday, December 17, 2012

December Photo Challenge: Week 2

It's time for another episode of December Photo Challenge! After a crazy week that seemed to be filled to the brim with European History (a course I'm taking right now) and Marie Antoinette in particular. Blogging is a nice break from my formal essay, that is current staring a me like I'm guilty of something from underneath my internet browser. Minimized it. There I feel less guilty about procrastinating, tehe.
Anyways, this is the list of the pictures that I'm following for each day:

And here's the pictures for this week!

Dec. 9
"Something You're Reading"
I read this book for school and since have finished it.
I have mixed opinions about this book. I may or may not
write a blog post in the near future on how I feel about classic

Dec. 10
Wrapping Paper

This worked out perfectly! I had to take a wrapping paper shot,
and I also had to do a studio lighting assignment for a photography
course I'm taking. So there ya go! A friend of my was a very willing
subject and I'm quite grateful that she was willing to go along with
my crazy ideas.

Dec. 11

This is one of the trees that we had up at our Youth Christmas Banquet for church.
I just realized that they used the same decorations we used for our wreath! It was
quite a nice time. 

Dec. 12
A Beautiful Sight

Ahhh, pointsettas. 
Dec. 13
My father, Christmas tree shopping.

 Dec. 14
Christmas Tree
This is the tree we ended up picking! It's not quite decorated;
it's a process with us. I think it looks quite nice, with no big
gaps or bare spots. We've had some pretty....uh charming
trees over the years and my mom says this one is the best!
 There you go! The pictures aren't quite up to date, but I figured that I'd better stop while I was ahead. Since this blog has been absent of writer-y things for a few weeks, I wanted to send you to a short article that I've found quite interesting about cultivating your inner critic.

I also wanted to give you all a tip for helping your blog get more traffic that I forgot to include in this post. When you upload a picture, instead of leaving it with the automatic camera mumbo-jumbo name, give it a descriptive name. Before uploading a file like IMG_1234, rename it an appropriate name like "Decorated Christmas Tree". This is kind of a strange way of attracting traffic, but when people do a Google images search, your pictures are more likely to pop up if they're named. When people click on your picture, they are also seeing your blog in the background.

So to keep with the theme of things, a Christmas question for the comments:

Real vs. Fake Christmas tree? Which do you have?

What I'm reading: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey
What I'm listening to: Mumford and Sons, and Florence + Machine
What I'm watching: Elementary


  1. Fake Christmas tree. We always have. We don't go out and cut down trees in Australia. We're too eco. ;) Actually, I don't think that's the real reason. But fake Christmas trees can be nice, because the particular Christmas tree becomes a family ornament. Anyway. :)

    I love your photos! The one for "Green" is great. Baubles are so photogenic! :)

    1. Thanks! I never thought of fake Christmas trees becoming like an ornament to the family.

      I agree, "Baubles" as you put are great to take pictures of:)

  2. The Christmas paper is a great idea! I liked all your pictures, but especially that one.

    1. Thanks! I had a great time taking it, and my friend was such a good sport about it:)

  3. This is a fun project! What enjoyable pictures :)

    My family use to get real Christmas trees, but due to the economic times it feels better to have a fake one. We actually have been without a tree at all for the past two Christmases it feels nice to have one again!

    1. That's great! I'm so glad you can have a tree this year. Even money's been tight, my parents always seemed to be able to scrap together money for a tree in past years.

      I used to think it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree, but that's not the real reason for the season, as I'm sure you know.

      Thanks for the comment and Merry Christmas!


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