Monday, September 10, 2012

100 for 100 Challenge

Although the official sign up for this contest-type thing is over, I would encourage you to think about trying this challenge that is hosted by Go Teen Writers. Basically, you write one hundred words in one story every day (that takes like ten minutes!) for one hundred days, so by December (ish) you have 10 000 words. You get one grace day a week where you don't have to write, but you have to make up those hundred words another day that week. It's a simple way to work writing into your daily schedule. The challenge starts today! However it will only work if you don't cheat! I'm doing it; are you?

For the official info check out this post.

What I'm reading: Bitterblue by Kirstin Cashore
What I'm listening to: "Stare into the Sun" by Graffiti 6
What I'm watching: Alphas


  1. I wanted to do it... I think it's an absolutely great idea, but I'm still plotting. I didn't think it wise to sign myself up when I was ready to write yet. I might have a similar goal for myself, but it won't be quite as regimented. Good for you though. I admire everyone who's doing it. :)

    1. Good luck with plotting! I'm happy to see that you plan on having some sort of goal for yourself; it really helps with getting things done.


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