Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Story Starter: Take Two

Here's a story starter idea to help anyone out there who wants to write a new story or just have a laugh with a crazy new idea!

What's the story behind this picture? For some reason it makes me think of Frank Sinatra...
"Start spreading the neeeeews. I'm leavin todaay!"

Also, my friend posted a story starter idea thingy-ma-bobber that we got from a writing course we both attended, so I'll just give you the link instead of me typing it all out, haha. Don't you love it when someone else does the work for you?


  1. Hey! A bit new, but I am liking your blog and wanted to award you the liebster award :) hope you come and collect it!

    1. Glad you visited! Thanks for the award:)

  2. Your post Summer Story Starter: Take Two is quite amazing and interesting.The lover kiss on the car is very romatic.


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