Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Hopping

Today I wanted to chat about blogs. I've been turning over ideas in my head on how to increase traffic to your blog, because a good friend of mine, Dakota Densmore, started up a new blog, and I wanted to help her get her blog My Frantic Scribblings off the ground. So here's what I came up with:

1. Visit, comment, and follow other people's blogs. Get your name out there! However, be classy about it. Don't just comment to leave a link to your blog, read the post and take a moment to make a comment that goes with the post.

2. Join up on memes and different linkys. This usually happens when a blog decides to have some sort of topic that everyone can post about and then put links to their blog at the host blog for everyone to check out. I've participated in a couple of these here are the links to a few good places to get connected with memes:
Beautiful People - Hosted by Georgie Penn and Sky
Snippets of Story - Hosted by Katie S.
These are great, but don't sign up if you can't follow through!

3. Get other blogging friends to drop your name and mention your blog. I always like to mention other blogs when I get a chance, because I know that I love it when someone links up to mine on their blog. Don't badger people, but once you've got a good relationship it can't hurt to ask someone to post a link to your blog somewhere on their page.

All those ideas are good to get the traffic coming, but ultimately you have to have the content to get people to keep coming back!

Happy blogging everyone!


  1. blog hops and competitions are amazing for networking, I joined one on a whim as motivation to get some writing done and ended up finding so many new blogs, and doubling my followers too.

    1. It's so true! I have to say that I also have gotten most of my blogs that I follow the same way:)

  2. lol thanks for the plug. ;) and they're all very excellent ideas. :D hehe. :)

  3. The being generous thing helps a lot -- visiting, following, and promoting others.


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