Saturday, May 26, 2012

NYC Libraries: Book Ninjas!

I don't know what you've heard about the NYC libraries, but according to this article I came across, they are facing huge budget cuts that will close libraries and cut hours in others (surprise, surprise). The writer of the article says something really interesting that I couldn't agree with more:

"Google has not killed the library and ebooks won't do it either. The biggest threat to the public library in American culture is limited hours. "

I find that libraries are doing a remarkable job of forming to the communities needs now that we have more and more online and other resources for our researching/reading needs. For example, the library I work at has an extensive collection of entertainment DVDs that are a) free and b) don't have to buffer.


Anyways, NYC libraries are fighting this budget cut by leaving random books all over NYC with little stickers that say "Take me" and "When libraries close, this could be your only access to free books". The abandoned books have info about signing a petition to stop the laws. What are the book distributors called? Book Ninjas.


Here are some of the pics that were included with the article:

I know what I'll be suggesting if our library ever takes a hit!

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