Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Insecure Writer's Group

For the last month, April, I've been totally caught up with the April Blogging Challenge and have neglected this blog. Well, today a bunch of the Insecure Writers Group posts were popping up in my little following blogs box thingy on my dashboard and I was initially like "Crap! I have to do that". Then I frantically tried to think of something to say that I hadn't said before (and that wasn't me complaining about my lack of writing. No one wants to read that!). So I just decided I start a new post and start working. Here's the insecurity I came up with.

Mid-Story Crisis

This, my friend, is when you get to the middle of a story and think I've got a better idea. No, not an improving idea, a completely new idea. When I want to quietly close that document that I've been fussing over for months now and move onto the new shiny idea that's begging for my attention. I'm a firm advocate of keeping on keeping on, in fact I wrote a post about it here, but is there a point when I'm beating a dead horse? Is better to struggle to finish a story or get excited and jump into a new story. I suppose that new story would eventually reach this stage as well, so I should probably listen to my own preaching (see linked post). I don't know. I'm insecure.


  1. I am sympathetic to your addiction of the next shiny idea, my blog is a tribute to my lack of commitment to pushing one thought into full development. Though after abandoning it I find it hard to once again reach the state of mind I had to continue it...

    1. Haha, sometimes my blog can be a test of my commitment as well:) Good to see that others feel the same way!


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