Saturday, May 5, 2012

Limitless Blogging

Lately I've been thinking about the limits that I've put on myself. I've been thinking about saying absolute things like "I only read x genre","I only write y genre" or "I only listen to z music" and how limiting that can be. There's so much more to enjoy when you don't create limits like that. The particular limit I've been thinking about that spurred this post on is the limits of a niche.

On this blog, I've said that I will write writing advice from a teen perspective. That's my niche. Niches are good, don't get me wrong, but sometimes niches can get in the way. I've been beginning to realize that my blog could be better if I didn't limit myself to posting about writing tips. There's so much potential in other book related things that I could be tapping into if I didn't limit myself to my current niche. So that's what I've decided to do.

From now on, in addition to my usual posts about writing I will be posting about other book related things. A Splash of Ink won't just be writing advice. It will be all things inky! That may not be the best slogan, but I'll work on it, haha.

So maybe this is your time to expand your niche and try something new. It could lead to something pretty amazing
or it could crash and burn, but I'll try not to be a pessimist!

All the best in your changes (?) and wish me luck with mine!


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