Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspiration from History (and art!)

This past week I went to the opening night of an exhibit at an art gallery. The work from my history class was on display. I know that sounds really strange, a HISTORY class displayed in an ART GALLERY? Well, we were exploring our personal connections to the course subject matter (The Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide) through art. I found that it really helped me connect emotionally to this history, verses reading out of a text book. Anyways...

The reason why I'm posting it here on SOI is a two fold. The first because history is made up of stories. And stories are what we're about here. It's well worth an author's time to look into history. There is so much material, and I find the whole experience of learning history inspiring. Learning about the political coups, the scheming and all that jazz that actually happened is just asking for ideas. It also gives you an interesting insight into people's motivations.

The other reason why I decided to post about the art show was that seeing other people's passion poured into their work is inspiring. Seeing people love what they're doing is like a breath of fresh air.

And because visuals are always nice, here's a few pictures from the show.

This is the art that I did (and my shoulder and some of my hair, haha)

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