Saturday, April 7, 2012


So I joined up on Goodreads, if you couldn't tell by my added widgets (one in the sidebar and another on the bottom). I was just wondering if anyone had any tips, or advice about it as I am a newbie.

If you don't know what Goodreads is here is a little bit of info:

-Founded in 2006 by Otis Chandler
-Over 78 000 000 books in the database
-As of 2011 books can be suggested for member according to there library

So basically you go on, make an account, and go through a ton of books and click the ones you've read. You rate them and then you can write reviews and do tons of other stuff I've yet to discover. It's particularly handy to keep track of books that you want to read, and look at reviews and ratings to see if something is worth a read. Essentially, it's a social media for readers.

Again, I beseech you for tips about Goodreads! Please, leave me a comment if you have any advice or just want to talk about how you feel about Goodreads!

P.S. This is the link for my profile:

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