Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writing thoughts of March Break

Well, March Break is coming to a close for me. Unfortunately, school will be back in full swing tomorrow (EDIT: it's been in swing for two days now. I started writing this post Sunday, haha). This past week held a few little gems to do with writing. Mostly just a variety of thoughts that I'm going to try to hodgepodge together into some sort of post.

So Sunday afternoon after church my family and I travel to see my grandparents. They just moved into an apartment after living in their house for 45+ years, because of health reasons. Can you imagine leaving the house that you raised your family in? Built a tree fort for your grand-kids in? Lived in for 45+ years?! Well, clearly, I was a bit emotional. I think I did a good job at ducking into the bathroom and the bedroom to hide whenever I felt like crying, haha. I know that it's not the house that makes the home, it's the people. But, still. That brings me to the point of writing what you know. I was amazed that people willing dredge up those feelings and emotions. Then I got thinking about it and decided that when writers do draw from those painful memories their writing is that much better and has that much more impact.

Of course a new apartment means new neighbors. My grandparents are friendly and loving people so of course they had met some of the interesting people in the building. The one that I had to laugh at, and scrawl down for later use in some story was a man they referred to as "Old Earl". The conversation between my grandparents and mom went something like this:
Grandma: "We met some people already! This one guy named Earl."
Grandpa: *Snickers* "He told me to let him know if he saw any wild women running around"
Mom: *Shifts uncomfortably* "Oh." *Narrows eyes* "How old is this guy?"
Grandpa: *Laughing now* "He's 80. We call him Old Earl."

The real reason that we traveled to see them was that my grandpa was having a hip replacement. It was a completely new perspective to be in a hospital. I don't care to go into details, but it was certainly eye opening. There was one funny guy that we met. His name was Ron. He was in a wheelchair but could move his two little legs a little bit to move his chair around. He kept running (or should I say wheeling?) away from the nurses. My grandpa's nurse told me that one time they found his on the fifth floor; he was one the third. Then one time when I was walking down the hall a nurse was yelling for him to come back. He wasn't listening. I guess he was a little stir crazy, but I couldn't help but laugh. It was a welcome relief from the somber tones of the hospital. Another character to file away for future use.

The final bit of inspiration was taking the train home. I don't know if you've ever seen those commercials where Kathy Reitch (she's a mystery writer fyi) endorses VIA Rail and how inspiring it is to her. Anyways, where we sat it wasn't quite as pretty as the commercial, but there was some interesting people who got on and off. It was inspiring in a way. This one guy had a guitar with him and then another random guy sat down beside him and they started talking about how to play an f-chord. There was also a conductor who took the snack cart around (see picture of snack cart) and said this over and over and over in a monotone voice:

"Refreshments, coffee, tea"
"Refreshments, coffee, tea"
"Refreshments, coffee, tea"

It made me think of the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter. I half expected him to ask if I wanted a pumpkin pasty or chocolate frog. Speaking of which, I watched a Lifetime movie on J.K. Rowling's life as she wrote Harry Potter. It was really interesting and inspiring. I would recommend it if you like that sort of thing. It's called Magic Beyond Words: the J.K. Rowling story.

So that was my March Break, and the writer-y-ness that went on during it. How about all of you? If you had a March Break did you get anything writing done?

P.S. Anyone else excited about The Hunger Games movie coming out?!

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  1. haha! oh yeah, the wheelchair guy. X) you told me about him. :P ;) lol


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