Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Plots Fall Apart...

This is my Insecure Writer's Support Group post for February. Find out more about it here.

I was rereading some of my work to put up on Snippets of Story (check it out in the page bar at the top of the screen, by the way) and I had to go back 20 or 30 pages to find something decent. That makes me pretty insecure in my writing. We all know what insecurities in writing leads to. Yep, not writing.

Lately I've also been thinking about the quote "Every word on your blog is a word that isn't in your book."
And you know what? It should say "Every word that isn't on your blog isn't in your book either."
At least that's the way it feels to me right now. I don't think I've sat down seriously and wrote anything since before Christmas. I've wrote a couple odd blog posts and about 380 words in my story.

Yeah, not that impressive.

You know what the problem is? I have no idea where I'm going anymore. Well, that's lie. I do know how it's supposed to end, but I don't know what's supposed to happened in between. That is resulting in pure filler scenes that have pretty much no point. I came up with all these wonderful ideas and thought I wrote them down. I didn't though. It's funny because I say it to my writer friends, "write your ideas down!", but half the time I do not practice what I preach. AND when I do, it's usually written down rather poorly. A few words here, an arrow there. You get the picture. I realized that I don't write things down because I think "How could I ever forget this idea? It's amazing!", and yet here I am wondering how I fit all those ideas together before.

My plan of action?
-A major plot reworking.

This means:
-Setting aside time to write EVERYTHING down in a master plan
-Thinking about ideas while doing anything that doesn't take my full brain (showering, working, cleaning, taking the bus, laying in bed etc.)
-Carrying notebooks with me to jot down ideas as they come

So am I insecure about my writing today? Obviously, but hey, it keeps me humble and forces me to get my but in gear.

Happy writing everyone!


  1. Hi Sunny!
    I wandered over thanks to the IWSG :D Nice to meet you.
    This post really hit home with me. I try to blog post three times a week but do I put do I put that much time into my WIP?! Oh, and about writing those ideas down. Go for legible when you do. I can't tell you how many times I've written ideas down in haste only to find them months later and think, "Hn. Now when did I learn to write in Welsh?"

    Happy Thursday! Good luck in writing up that master plan.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. We must all watch for that sagging middle. Nice to meet another insecure writer.

  3. @ Jen
    Thanks so much for visiting! Haha, "Now when did I learn to write in Welsh?". You crack me up!

    @ Susan,
    It certainly is nice to meet more insecure writers over this! It always helps to know you aren't alone.
    The thing about the sagging middle, I've never heard it put that way, but it's so true.

  4. I'm afraid this will sound very stupied.I wanted to comment on your snippets of story page but couldn't find a place to comment.

    I enjoyed reading it, the arrows and whole fighting in the tree scene. Caspius is a cool name! How did you come up with it?

  5. @ Lilly,
    No worries! You couldn't find the comment space because it wasn't there, haha. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I added a section to comment.

    Thank-you so much for the compliment! I have also enjoyed reading other peoples snippets. I originally heard the name "Caspian" from Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis, and really loved it. However, it felt wrong to use the name "Caspian", so I wrote Caspian down a couple times and manipulated it a bit each time till I came up with "Caspius". I do believe it was one of my finer naming moments:P

    Thanks again for visiting!

  6. I had this problem with my first draft of my WIP, too. (I'm now on draft #4...yeah, next time I'll definitely be plotting.) But once I found out what was going on, it really helped me out of my slump. I just had to force myself to my chair and figure out what needed to happen along the way. Some filler scenes *did* end up happening, since it wasn't plotted, but I was able to chop them out later -- and the way I look at it, at least I was writing again, even if I had some fluff to cut out.

    You know what I do sometimes, when I can't figure out what happens next? It might sound silly, but I use voice record and just talk myself through what's going on -- what has happened, what will, and what needs to. I find that thoughts flow better that way, because you've trapped every little word, even a comment that may not seem important but could lead to some kind of revelation. A lot of the time, I stumble upon the answer while I'm doing that.

    Anyway, I hope you get past this soon!

  7. @ Jenna,
    Your WIP experience sounds oh-so-familiar. Yes, plotting is always good even if it does come in the middle of the story!

    I also find talking it out to help. Usually though I just kidnap anyone willing to listen and start rambling to them, bouncing ideas off them, until I figure the plot out.

    Haha, thanks for the comment.


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