Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Writing Projects

Today, I wanted to write about some fun writing projects to take on around Christmas. Sometimes I get so caught up in my stories, that I never pause to put my writing skills to use for other people or do side projects. However, last year I was introduced to a whole new world of writing around Christmas. It was just so much fun, so I've made up a list of some of the best ways to put your writing skills to use in the festive season for your reading enjoyment.

1. Present Letters
This is a personal favourite that is a little bit kooky, but tons of fun. Here's what you do. You look at a present you intend to give to someone and write them a letter to go with it, taking on the persona of someone relevant to the gift you're giving. For example, last year we gave my grandma a new telephone, so I wrote her a letter from Alexander Graham Bell and taped it onto the box.

2. Short Story Gifts
Write a short story (preferably about Christmas), format it nicely, and then give it to someone. Either make one up, or transform a treasured memory into a story. The options are endless. Share your imagination with someone this year! Does that sound corny...? Ah well, it's Christmas.

3. Christmas Cards
Now, this is a pretty common one, but the uncommon thing that I'm suggesting is to write something truly meaningful in the card. You may already do this (if so good on you!), but most cards our family gets just have our names written in the card and a signature. Think about what makes you love the recipient of the card and tell them. It's okay to fill up the blank side of the card. Being a writer, words come easier to you then others so make use of that talent.

4. Poetry
Come up with some personal poetry to put in your Christmas cards. I for one am not a poet, and my skills pretty much begin and end with "Roses are red, violets are blue..." and I still struggle to fill that in! Anyways, if you are a gifted poet then get those blank cards and add your own Christmas poem in them.

5. Write a family memoir
Take a look over the past year and write about what you as a family did, things you learned, how God worked in your family etc. Start off lighthearted, and end with a serious reflection on the year. Make it as long as you wish, format it nicely, and give out to members of your family.

There is my short list of ways to use your writing skills at Christmas. These ones are on the more serious side of things, but you can do things that are purely fun (like making up new words for traditional carols). Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless. Honestly, I've found that people genuinely treasure these personal creative touches. It trumps any gift you could buy. Have fun, and have a very Merry Christmas (it's the best time of the year)!

P.S. Let me know of any ideas you come up with in the comment section or if you do any of these ones I mentioned. I love hearing about other's Christmas writing projects!

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