Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are Teenagers Too Young to Write Good Fiction?

Found this lovely article that is completely down to earth and encouraging. It's a quick read, but a good one!

Check it out here

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writing Warm-ups: The List

I've been reading a really wonderful book on writing called Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb. Within the first couple of pages it talks about different exercises to warm up the creative side of your brain for writing. The one that stood out to me was entitled the list. The book suggests to make a list of one hundred things that you love, enjoy, or have a general fondness for. So I thought I'd do some warm up and share my one hundred things with you, as well as invite you to share your one hundred things on your blog. Just leave a comment with a link to your post!
Here goes nothing:

One more thing, the list is in no particular order.

1. Listening to Switchfoot while working
2. Reading Steampunk, Fantasy and corny fairytales
3. Reading the newspaper and feeling GOOD about our world, not depressed
4. Reading new books that look bad but turn out to be great
5. Eavesdropping on people's phone conversations on the bus
6. When people are wearing fun costumes in public for no particular reason
7. Writing late into the night

8. Cheesecake
9. Sleeping in and not feeling guilty about it
10. Singing in the shower and remembering all the lyrics
11. Going to youth group and seeing all my unofficial family
12. Being praised for something I take pride in
13. Meeting new people who are friendly
14. Having conversations with people you see all the time but never talk to
15. Spending time in the Local History Room at the library

16. Bookshelves that go all the way to the ceiling
17. Performing a song perfectly and better than in practise
18. Family
19. Inside jokes
20. Hearing laughter from another room
21. Live music
22. Watching So You Think You Can Dance with my family, secretly wishing to be a dancer for a brief moment
23. Inspiring someone else
24. Being accepted
25. Cozy rooms
26. Clean and organized rooms
27. Painting watercolours without feeling the need to be perfect
28. Reading and ENJOYING a classic novel
29. Being a pleasant surprise to someone
30. Being interesting
31. Winning a debate
32. Being able to best an arrogant person
33. God and his unending forgiveness
34. Whiteboards and Cork boards
35. Art
36. Scrapbooking and not having to clean up
37. Introducing someone to something they end up loving
38. Saving mementos to put in a memory book
39. Sad movies that make me want to write
40. Historical dramas
41. Finding out a friend has a similar interest or opinion that not many people have
42. Finding new blogs
43. Home design
44. Photography
45. Staring at pictures on flickr that you can only try to imitate
46. Free workshops and seminars
47. Jazz
48. The title Blue like Jazz
49. Seeing friends grow and better themselves
50. Being surrounded by smart people who aren't snobs about it
51. Being with people who care about me
52. Being appreciated
53. Being challenged
54. A friend surprising me with a quality or trait I didn't realize they had
55. Taking the bus
56. Rainstorms
57. Dancing in a warm rain shower
58. Getting rid of inhibitions
59. Confidence
60. Cliffhangers
61. Prison Break
62. Castle
63. The way Merlin has become so funny
64. The library
65. Finding out new things about the library and what it has to offer
66. Self Help books for writers
67. The Bible and lessons that talk about how the translation from Hebrew effects it
68. Spending time with my friends
69. Photo shoots
70. The feeling after a performance, or presentation is done and I've nailed it
71. Insanely complicated plots that leave me shell shocked
72. Characters I love to hate
73. Big windows facing the sun
74. Band
75. The chatter of voices
76. Tacos
77. Grand pianos
78. Grandparents
79. Old people friends with young people
80. Romance between seniors
81. Nursing Homes
82. Mentors
83. Creativity

84. Painting banners
85. Someone who has more confidence in me than I do
86. Intelligence
87. Community events
89. Feeling at home and united with the people around me
90. Warm covers on a cold day
91. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
92. Jane Eyre
93. Bollywood dancing
94. Having discussions with people who care about the topic
95. Love interests
96. The word "angst"
97. Youtube channels that are hilarious (Julian Smith, Dear Jeffery)
98. Crying at a movie or book in private
99. The idea of reading a book in a bubble bath
100. Harry Potter
101. Epic endings

I made it 101 things, oh well, I'm allowed it's my blog!:) I'm curious to see what your 100 things are, so please post about it and leave a link. I truly do feel ready to write, it was a good warm up. Happy writing!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Word Wednesday November 2/11

This is a link that I found very interesting. It talks about a study that was done to tell psychopaths from average criminals by the way they speak. It was a quick and valuable resource for writing dialogue for that villain you're trying to get right. Anyways, check it out here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Links for the Start of NaNoWriMo

Since I have plunged into the crazy world of NaNoWriMo, and I know a ton of others out there have to I decided to share a few links that might help you out with starting off a new story.

Oh, and for those like me who need a deadline everyday, if you write aprox. 1700 words a day you should hit 50 00o by the end of November.

Now onto the links!

There are five links that I thought would be helpful, especially if you're starting a new story. You can also look at some other posts that I've written on story beginnings in the topic section in the sidebar, and you can check out more links under the "Helpful Links" tab at the top.

I wish you all luck in your NaNoWriMo adventures and encourage you to embrace the challenge!
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