Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word Wednesday October 26/11

This week I wanted to talk about proper capitalization for people's titles (mom, dad, teacher etc.). This always gave me hesitation, until I finally learned the correct way of doing it.

When to capitalize them:
You only give them a capital if the title replaces their actual name. For example:

When is Mom coming home?
When is Rita coming home?

In this case the word "Mom" replaces the mother's name, Rita.

When not to capitalize:
When you are placing an article or pronoun before the title. A good way to see if the title needs a capital is to insert their name and see if it makes sense. For example:

When is your mother coming home?
When is your Rita coming home?

Is the teacher here yet?
Is the Mrs. B here yet?

The second parts of each example don't make sense, so I know that the titles shouldn't be capitalized.

Hopefully that makes sense. If you have any questions or think I might have missed something, please feel free to comment.


  1. Great way to explain it! That has always been a tricky one. I am totally using that trick in the future.

  2. @Lady Victoria

    Glad to help and that I communicated well enough:P


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