Sunday, October 23, 2011

Co-authorship and Me

Co-authorship, good idea or bad? This a question that I've been thinking about for a little bit now, and I have formed an opinion (of course). This is pretty much just my thoughts on it, and I'm almost positive that at least some one who reads this will disagree with me. If that's you, then please feel free to comment with your ideas. So here's what I think.

Writing a book with someone, whoever it may be, is a lovely idea. Emphasis on idea. "We'll bond so much!" or "They helped me come up with the idea, it's only fair to let them help me write it," are things that we often tell ourselves when we make the decision to co-author. Sometimes we don't even think about it, it just sort of happens. This is more like what happened to me; I was just chatting away with my sister and a story came out.

And so it began. I grabbed a dog eared sketch book (I know, it's a perfect medium) and started scrawling down the opening scene. Every few pages we'd trade off when the other got a burst of inspiration. Our miserable attempt at writing (we were younger then) worked for awhile. Eventually though we got busy and some how the trading off got lost. I wanted to work on it, but my sister didn't care to. So soon it became my story. There was no hard feelings between us about it, and honestly, I think it's been better this way. She knew the back round and understood my story, so she could listen to my rants and try to help me out when I hit snags. But, we were no longer writing it together.

I've written stories with my friends and its great fun, but we know deep down that our story will never get published. If you write simply for a good time, then co-authorship might improve your levels of fun, but if we are truly honest with ourselves I think most of us harbor that tiny spark of hope that someday our stories will be on the shelves at Chapters. Anyways, when writing with other people I find that commitment levels are different (one person wants to write all the time, the other does not. This can be frustrating.), both writers have different ideas of where the story should go, and if both of the writers don't have excellent communication skills then it's easy for the story to get left in a musty email inbox.

All of that being said, I feel like co-authorship can lead to an excellent relationship where the two writers push each other creating something wonderful. However, as a teen I don't think I have that sort of maturity and commitment to do that, especially since writing is not my full time career. Besides, I'm a bit of a control freak; I don't think I could handle writing with someone else, haha.

Co-authorship? Maybe later.

So that's my opinion. How about you? Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

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  1. haha!! X) ah, our book. i think it's HILARIOUS. and it is! :D lol if craig can make that into a movie like he said he would, he will be the best producer, director, whatever he wants to be, of all time. :P ;) :D HA!! don't underestimate the power of the ROFL!! XD


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