Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Word Wednesday Sept. 27/11

Since I know that many of teen writer's write fantasy and adventure novels I thought I would share some nautical terms that may be of aid to you.

Act of Pardon, Act of Grace – A letter from a state or power authorising action by a privateer. Also see Letter of Marque

Absentee pennant – Special pennant flown to indicate absence of commanding officer, admiral, his chief of staff, or officer whose flag is flying

Advance note – A note for one month's wages issued to sailors on their signing a ship's articles.

Aground – Resting on or touching the ground or bottom (usually involuntarily).

Avast – Stop, cease or desist from whatever is being done

Belay –
1. To make fast a line around a fitting, usually a cleat or belaying pin.
2. To secure a climbing person in a similar manner.
3. An order to halt a current activity or countermand an order prior to execution

Bilge– The compartment at the bottom of the hull of a ship or boat where water collects and must be pumped out of the vessel.

Bonnet – A strip of canvas secured to the foot of the course (square sail) to increase sail area in light airs.

Bulkhead – An upright wall within the hull of a ship. Particularly a watertight, load-bearing wall.

Cut and run — When wanting to make a quick escape, a ship might cut lashings to sails or cables for anchors, causing damage to the rigging, or losing an anchor, but shortening the time needed to make ready by bypassing the proper procedures.

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