Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Spark

Recently, I've lost my spark. I think about my story and don't feel that familiar urge to drop everything and write. I don't get excited. In a way, I feel like I've lost a dear friend. Call me melodramatic, but when something that has been dancing around the murky recesses of my mind for so long, always present and growing, slowly gets buried...it hurts. It hurts like when you see a friend travel blindly down a road that leads to destruction, with each step growing farther and farther apart until all you can see is their faded silhouette.

I blame it on school (particularly Co-op), band, music lessons, and a whole host of other things. But all along I've known in the back of my mind that my spark has dimmed due to me. It's me who decided not to write, and drop the normal routine. Not school or anything else.

Oddly, I'm coming to terms with it. All writers go through a time when they lose their spark, that intangible thing that pushes them into late nights clacking away at a keyboard or hours of pen smeared writing. It's normal. I've gotten over the initial guilt of not even opening my story document as I've written this post, and now I am looking towards the future (in true motivational speaker fashion).

After all, it doesn't matter so much if you fall, so long as you get back up.

So, I'm pushing myself off the hard ground of defeat with a still fighting spirit. It sounds so much prettier in the written word, but in real life getting back on my feet means a plan to change what isn't working. My plan is this:

Step 1
Figure out the reason that you don't care to write. I'm willing to bet that 90% of the time it's boredom. In my predicament, my story doesn't hold my interest currently. Characters are sitting around passing time waiting for something that makes no sense to happen.

Step 2
Address the reason. For me it's boredom. The solution? Flesh out the plot. Add a subplot, take another look at reasoning behind character's actions, make the plot flow better, make it exciting! I've said it before and I'm probably say it again, if the writer doesn't find it interesting then the reader won't either.

There you have it. My brilliant plan for success. Dare I say my spark has begun to burn ever so slightly once again? I believe it has. What about you, do you find yourself losing your spark? If so what do you do to remedy it?


  1. Sometimes just talking through it - at least in my case, I'm prone to keep most things inside - helps the spark to ignite again.

    Best of luck with your writings; thank you for the advice. ^.^

  2. @ Katie
    Thanks for the comment! Talking it through is a huge aid to me also. I just have to be careful not to talk someone's ear off!


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